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MARK Product Coronavirus Statement


This statement details our response to the Covid-19 outbreak. We recognise that this is primarily a public health issue and that co-ordinated national responses are key to its effective management.  As such we will be following government guidance and not going beyond this so as to play our part in a measured and controlled national strategy.

We recognise that the Covid-19 event is essentially a short-term issue, and our actions will seek to deliver ‘business as usual’ as far as possible, to reduce impact on our customers and their clients, on our supply base, and on our own staff and their families.


As Covid-19 is a national public health emergency, community responsibilities override all others, including to customers.  At the present time we see no delays in our delivery schedules or lead times. However we ask our customers to recognise that as a manufacturer, it is not possible for many of our staff to work from home.  If staff are required to self-isolate then there will inevitably be a knock-on effect on delivery schedules.

Our staff

Our duty of care to our staff means we will prioritise their welfare and that of their dependents and families.  This will not go beyond current government advice.  We have some advantages – we are a small and inter-dependent team who are used to supporting each other’s roles and as such are adaptable and resilient.  Our production facilities are in rural areas and our staff live locally and come to work mostly by car or on foot rather than using public transport.  Some staff may be able to work from home, and others’ roles may be covered by colleagues. Our priority will be to keep production on schedule, but some delays cannot be excluded


To customers with existing orders we will seek to honour the existing delivery schedule and will provide regular updates.  Equally we ask our customers not to delay orders which will cause problems in our production and could lead to cash-flow issues for us and our suppliers.

For customers talking to us about new orders, we will maintain as normal a service as possible – our sales and marketing team are most able to work flexibly, and given the outbreak is a short-term issue and our delivery lead time is 8 weeks, there should be no reason to pause the normal specification process.

We have maintained our Brexit contingency of 6 months’ stock of all overseas-sourced components.  At our request, key suppliers are also holding additional raw material for us, again based on a 6-month supply.

On site

None of our staff or subcontractors will be sent to site if they display any Coronavirus like symptoms, have been positively tested for Covid-19, have been asked to self-isolate, have been in close contact with anyone with Covid-19, or have travelled to a high-risk country as defined by Public Health England within 14 days.


We will make every effort to keep the flow of work as stable as possible to enable you to maintain current levels of production with as little disruption as possible.  We will provide regular updates of any foreseen problems and likewise expect advance notice of any problems you foresee such as staff absences which may affect our work or sourcing difficulties further back in the supply chain.

John Miller and Anna Hart
Directors, MARK Product

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