Imagine being told that due to a disability, you couldn’t work. It’s a hard truth faced by many every day.

The makers behind our popular upholstered, modular Studioscape range, are a prime example of where a difference is made beyond the end user.

At MARK, we’re proud that our Studioscape frames are manufactured by a social enterprise called Pluss whose ethos is to empower their team with positivity in the face of adversity. 

When you choose Studioscape, it allows us to support a workforce for whom access to work with personal challenges is not always straightforward. The making of each module requires a combination of technical and hands-on skills. To some, these tasks are more challenging than others. When the production working environment is adjusted to meet the needs of the individual, it opens new doors and opportunities.

A member of the team who builds our Studioscape frames came to Pluss because he could not find employment due to suffering from stiff-person syndrome. Through Pluss, he has been trained to operate the CNC machine. Since being in this role, his condition worsened and occupational health advised him he shouldn’t go anywhere near machinery – however, he didn’t want to accept this diagnosis. Pluss worked with him to adapt all the machinery with additional guarding to enable him to continue his skilled work in this role. 

In addition to our direct work with Pluss, they also run a specialised workshop in Plymouth that supports severely disabled people to come to work and build basic items which provide a purpose and income.

Download our Studioscape Brochure here.