We created MARK with the aim to be sustainable, and we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards.

In 2022 we launched our Do Net Good strategy, with ambitious targets in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to net zero and beyond.

This strategy encompasses our commitment to everyday activities and a plan for action for the future.

The plan is founded on the concept of a circular economy – the idea that all the resources we use are part of a restorative and regenerative cycle.

That the products we make can be maintained, re-used, re-manufactured and recycled indefinitely.

This mission is led by the two founders Anna and John, and all our plans and activities are checked against this.

Our approach is the result of having put our business under scrutiny. In 2020, we invited Sustainability & Wellbeing Consultancy Element 4, to look at how we do things currently and our plans for the future. We asked them to suggest some ambitious goals for us.

Do Net Good is our resulting sustainability strategy aligned with 10 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals focusing on a circular economy.

To read our strategy in full download a copy here.

Our strategy has 9 standard commitments to sustainable production that apply to every product manufactured today. Read our commitments.

With a further 5 actions set for change which drive us to be more sustainable tomorrow than we are today. Learn more about our action plan.