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an introduction by Lesley Jackson (Writer, Curator and Design Historian)

Established a decade ago, the youthful company MARK has already made its mark in the newly reinvigorated British furniture industry. Founded by designers Anna Hart and John Miller – who also run Hart Miller Design, the creative driving force behind MARK – the company embodies their combined expertise and shared passion for well-designed, good-looking furniture.

‘Friendly’ might sound an odd way of describing furniture but with MARK, it seems somehow apt. Spearheaded by two individuals who care deeply about the objects they are bringing into the world, MARK’s small but growing team (now numbering seven) prides itself on its personal approach. Drawing on Hart Miller’s experience and insights, supplemented by the input of a circle of friends, hand-picked from across the British design community, MARK creates user-friendly furniture designed to improve quality of life and brighten up the environment.

What makes MARK stand out in the contract furniture market is its unusual combination of high principles and relaxed, people-centred design. Based in Cornwall, the company harnesses the area’s free-spirited creativity and local manufacturing skills.

Sustainable in the true sense of the word, MARK’s furniture is designed to last. This applies right through from creative decisions about colour and form, to choice of materials and methods of production.

Driven by a strong vision, but responsive to the needs of specifiers and end-users in different sectors of the market, MARK furniture is varied and dynamic in character. Hart Miller provide vital creative leadership, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the company’s approach to furniture design and production. Championing the idea of furniture as components of interiors, rather than as objects in isolation, Hart Miller are idealistic, yet pragmatic, with their head in the clouds but their feet firmly on the ground.