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As designers we have an important responsibility to find new ways of providing for human wants and needs in a sustainable, positive way. At MARK, we make practical,and enduring furniture, while minimising environmental impact and maximising the economic and social benefits for the communities where we’re based.

We do this by following these four principles:

Design for sustainability:

Using prudent, considered design to be resourceful – making our furniture the best we can with the minimum physical resource.

Design for durability:

Ensuring that our products are physically strong, but – just as importantly – also have a timeless quality and will hold their interest and value. We call this ‘emotional durability’.

Local manufacture:

We manufacture as locally as possible to bring value into the UK’s poorest region (Cornwall), to reduce manufacturing miles and increase our ‘zone of influence’. (See Made in Britain for details)

Responsible sourcing:

Using and extending our knowledge to ensure we’re not using materials and processes that are harmful to the environment. (See Responsible Sourcing for details)

These principles have a positive and measurable impact on our ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet and profit.

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