After the price increase of recent years related to Brexit and COVID-19, we have now been hit with another but this one is different. 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is leading to major shortages on some of our raw materials. In particular Birch Plywood – Russia is one of the world’s biggest suppliers and this supply has been turned off with immediate effect by government sanctions. 

We are also expecting problems ahead with European Oak – Ukraine is a major grower and the people who would normally be working in the sawmills, now have a war to fight.

We will do all we can – we are sourcing alternatives where we can. We will also be advising customers to choose an alternative finish at times and there is likely to be an impact on prices and lead times. 

We hope that all our customers, like us, will accept these impacts as a necessary response to a terrible tragedy that we need to do all we can to bring to an end.