Collective choices can impact the change we need to see. As momentum builds through our industry for a fundamental change in the built environment, we feel hopeful that collectively we can make a difference in the climate crisis. 

One of our commitments to building a better business is that if we can share with you how our furniture is made, then you can make informed choices for the projects you’re working on. 

We have sustainability data sheets for each of our products as an essential tool for this purpose. Furniture specification we know has historically started from a point of comfort, aesthetics and function. Now there’s another foundational aspect which is climate impact. 

Our sustainability data sheets have been created with sustainability experts and leaders in their field, Element Four. So there is no greenwash – just facts. The data sheets show you the content of our products and help you see where they are compliant with many of the industries’ certifications such as WELL, Breeam and SKA. 

Our commitment to materials, lifespan and community are all embedded within each product. Anything made by MARK comes with a 10-year warranty and is designed for a 30-year life cycle as a minimum.  

Check them out here and let us know what you think.