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In a close collaboration with architects Manalo & White, MARK Product provided the furniture for Slough’s new Aspire Centre.  Established by the developer SEGRO and run jointly by East Berkshire College and a consortium of local businesses, the Centre’s aim is ‘to encourage greater interaction between businesses, education and the community’.

Tasked with turning this aspiration into a physical space, Manalo & White transformed a standard industrial unit in to a vibrant hub for local businesses and young people.

The open-plan space is zoned through the use of MARK’s furniture,  – some from their standard ranges and some designed specifically for the project.  Manalo & White specified MARK’s Verso chairs and Universal tables in various hues of green, yellow and orange for the main training areas and conference room.  Teamworking booths were created using round Nest tables, Milly stools and bespoke high-backed seating units. Finally, an auditorium and cloakroom area were constructed in plywood by DOT Interiors with further upholstery details by MARK.

MARK’s John Miller feels the success of the project is in large part due to the close collaboration between MARK and the architects  ‘Manalo & White involved us from very early on in the project which meant we were able to tailor our offer to their needs and budget, collaborating on the design of the bespoke elements and even bringing forward the launch of  a new product for the project.  It meant  we could develop a much deeper understanding of the client and their needs than is often the case’. 

Manalo & White commented: After successfully producing key items of bespoke furniture for our Focal Point Gallery scheme in Southend we were very keen to work with MARKon another project.

At Slough Aspire we knew the design and selection of furniture would be a critical element. We brought in MARK at an early stage and it was fantastic working with John and Anna as they fully engaged in the collaborative approach that really suits our working methodology.

Through close collaboration we developed a core collection of pieces from MARK’s product range combined with one-off bespoke items. They assisted us with custom finishes throughout and developed our initial sketch ideas into beautiful and cost-effective one-offs.

The client is delighted with the finished product and we can’t wait to work with MARK Product again in the near future.