MARK Product are designers of contemporary
furniture based in Cornwall. All our products are
manufactured here in the UK.

MARK Aspire
MARK Aspire 2
MARK Product_Bosco II sofa
Coop 2
Flag bench seating
Renaissance_Scene design
MARK Verso_Ab Rogers
Shaper 3
MARK Product_Arris lounge chairs
MARK Product_Bosco I sofa
MARK Product_Wave outdoor table
Shaper 3
MARK Product_Slide and Spin

Latest News


Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Stay tuned for new product debuts for Clerkenwell Design Week this year. We have been busy behind the scenes designing and prototyping a new sofa and range of tables. Both new products have been designed by MARK’s Anna Hart and John Miller. We are looking forward to sharing the first images very soon.

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wave bench pwc


The Wave table and bench was specified along with outdoor Net chairs in a recent project for PwC‘s rooftop terrace. A setting of rectangular tables with matching benches and round Wave tables with the sleek white Net look very smart against the Newcastle skyline. The Wave table (Kay + Stemmer) and Net chair (Sam Johnson) (Read more)

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outofthe valley


This incredible cabin was hand crafted by designer maker Rupert McKelvie. Built using eco-friendly and traditional building techniques and locally sourced materials, the cabin utilises solar power for an off-grid relaxing retreat. Two black MARK Net chairs look stunning against the charred timber of the façade. The cabin sits in the beautiful Teign Valley on the (Read more)

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