It’s all about the finish! This is the theme for our next Table Talk – Wednesday 5th July.

A common theme in ‘aftersales’ conversations we have with clients is to do with the upkeep of their furniture – ensuring they have an appropriate O&M manual to enable them to implement routine maintenance and repair on any wear and tear. It’s a critical step in ensuring a long and sustainable life for any product!

So this week John will be putting finishes centre stage for our Table Talk. With sustainability at the fore in this talk John will be considering: Do we over-finish our furniture? What are our options for finishing furniture? How do we weigh up the pros and cons? And critically what actually are VOCs – what are they for and what are the alternatives? 

We’ll also be looking at materials that don’t require finishing, and some finishes that are so benign you can eat them! As usual there will be lots of samples on hand to touch and see and – especially for this week – smell!

What: Table Talk 03 – Finishes

Where: MARK Product showroom, 5 Albemarle Way, EC1V 4JB

When: Wednesday 5th July

RSVP: [email protected]

Table Talks are informal sessions aimed to open up a dialogue between furniture specifiers, architects and interior designers with furniture designers and manufacturers. They start at 6pm and are hosted on our beautiful terrace overlooking St John’s gardens and we’ll of course be serving up more delicious Curio Gin to accompany the conversation.

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