Studioscape | Planters

Planters in straights and curves allow the system to be used to make up booths, or effectively and subtly divide up a space.


Studioscape planters are part of a wider modular and flexible seating system – designed to flex with your environment shaping spaces for work, relaxation or collaboration.

The planters can be specified with our selection of plants, with varying heights from low to high.

Modules can be fixed together, or allowed to be easily reconfigured by the user on sled or wheeled bases, all based on a 750Ă—750 grid. The wider Studioscape range includes lounge and dining seating, screens, booths, tables and power/data units.


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Finishes & Materials

Studioscape is primarily a wooden-framed product, so has a high percentage of natural and renewable materials.

Frame: Internal frame made up of marine ply with a specifically designed opening for the planting system to be accommodated.

See our standard finishes + fabric options here.

Plants and liners: Our liners incorporate an irrigation system and should be specified separately with the desired choice of plants.

Delivery and installation is recommended after the installation of furniture.

Lifecycle: All components can be disassembled for Renewal or Recycling



Material %

2Natural fibre

Circularity %


Product Range

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