BBC Wales

The most prominent product is the Studioscape seating system which is used to shape and define the central collaboration areas on each floor.


The new 14,000 mBBC Wales headquarters by Sheppard Robson contains MARK furniture on every floor. Having begun our journey with BBC projects for New Broadcasting House (2013) and Media City (2011), it was great to work with them again on the new flagship building.

Studioscape sofas were customised to perfectly complement the circular collaboration spaces – a gently curved module was produced to echo the curved walls of these zones.  We went through a rigorous sampling process with the BBC’s designers ID:SR Sheppard Robson, to trial and test different heights and sizes of tables, and seating elements on both wheels and sleds.  These zones have become some of the defining spaces of the project.

Added to this, Mylo chairs and sofas are used throughout in meeting areas and in welfare rooms. Mylo, Studioscape and the accompanying Laser tables were all designed by MARK’s in-house design studio, Hart Miller.

As in the BBC’s buildings in London and Manchester, our Six Coat stand is used throughout. This iconic piece – designed by Dylan Freeth for our launch collection in 2008 – is still a staple of the range.

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