Bring comfort and conscience to your environment with our foam free, modular seating system, Flow.

With the look and comfort of a sofa, Flow is a seating system that enables you to create multiple settings that people and teams in an agile office environment.

Akin to a banquette seating the seat height of Flow provides a supported and active sit – the combination of springs and plant-based filling materials such as coir, recycled cotton and latex create a seat that looks as comfortable as it feels.

The set of curved and straight modules offer huge creative freedom, enabling a wide range of space-planning options when planning furniture for offices. Download our product specification sheet to for ideas on the configurations that could support your workplace.

And why is foam free important?

The polyurethane foam used in furniture is made from fossil oil sources; it has a high embodied energy and is not recyclable. In recent years some alternative foams have been labelled as ‘bio-foams’ although on deeper investigation they are made up of a percentage of plant based content, remain predominantly oil derived and are not biodegradable or circular.

An important addition is also that as a highly flammable material foam is treated with toxic flame retardants which over a lifetime of use escape into the environment; particles are released in to the air and we are breathing these in.

So for both environmental and health benefits foam-free is better. And modular seating systems usually use a lot of foam, so substituting Flow will have a significant impact on both carbon footprint and air quality. See the contents of Flow here – sustainability data sheet available here.